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Pyrogiochi, founded in 1984, is the Italian leading company in the field of small fireworks and party items. The mission of the company is based on the quality and the security, customer care and respect, as well on its modern design.

Pyrogiochi offers a large range of products for any kind of party all along the year. The design of the articles is developed inside the company, by an italian, young and qualified team. The headquarters, the offices, the warehouse and the graphic laboratory are in Tuscany, other offices and warehouse are situated in Hamburg.


Logistics is supported by our German partner in Hamburg: Pyrogiochi Hamburg Gmbh.

BAM, European Notified Body based in Berlin, certifies the CE conformity of the production process, packaging and every single product on the basis of the European Directive 2007/23 CE which regulates the placing on the market of pyrotechnic articles. BAM also certifies compliance with the UN-ADR international regulation for the transportation and storage of dangerous goods.

Pyrogiochi became one of the first European company with a quality system certified CE.

Our range of products includes fountains, ice fountains, hand held sparklers, sky lanterns, air confetti cannons, party poppers, smoke items, bengala flames, fireworks batteries, connectable fireworks show and items for parties. 

There are many different lines of product, for different events such as 18th years birthday, wedding day, Halloween, Christmas, New Year’s Eve and parties in general.

All our products are designed in Italy by our graphic designers (for some customers we can also personalize the packaging). All the items and certified CE, safe and controlled.

Our business is constantly growing, we have no limits, at the moment we are trading in almost all Europe.

CERMET Notified Body specialized in the optimization of business processes certifies the Pyrogiochi quality process according to ISO 9001 and the environmental management system based on ISO 14001.